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FMV Protocol - a part of the joint assignments

We are responsible for coordinating and compiling national / international trips or visits for FMV's management and provides tools for FMV's representation on these occasions.
This applies mainly to the so-called high-level visits to General Director / Director General and FMV's senior managers, which are other than those that take place within the framework of the bilateral or part of the multilateral cooperation.

The Protocol operation is also a Point of Contact (Poc) for both foreign and Swedish defense attachés and we coordinate and plan for their visit to FMV.

FMV Protocol helps with self-help how to handle the practical co-ordination and administration of Swedish and / or foreign visits at high level and bilateral Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) meetings in Sweden. We also work in close collaboration with Legal Affairs Export & International.

FMV Protocol is also an FMV helpdesk for the rules of thumb that apply to international visits or meetings. Individual employees or managers receive answers to questions about the conditions of planning, representations ang gifts etc. 

FMV Protocol is primarily responsible for:

  • High Level Visits
  • Poc Defense Attaches
  • MoU meetings
  • Coordination of travel and visiting plans for General Director / Director General, as well as managers
  • Maintaining networks with secretaries and Head of Coordination for General Director / Director General and managers 
  • Collaboration with authorities, international contacts in the defense sector, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Coordination with national and international invitations to FMV from various foreign missions
  • Presentation management of FMV and international activities in English and French
  • Flagging on Three Weapons 

Information on foreign visits
In order to be able to map activites with the different partner countries, we ask you to email FMV Protocol funktion with
security@fmv.se på Cc; for all foreign visits to FMV regardless of level with information on:

  • ​Visitors and visit receiver
  • Purpose of the visit
  • Time of visit
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Fore more information on managing foreign visits to FMV and our operations, read here.


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